School Order

1. Classes, Class Size and Selection

1.1. Classes

a)Classical Ballet

Tanzschule Küsnacht teaches classical ballet using the RAD System (RAD = Royal In eight levels and three pre-levels classical ballet, free movement, and character (Hungarian, Polish, and Russian) are taught.


Introductory:     4-5 Years

Pre-Primary:     5-6 Years

Primary:           6-7 Years

Grade 1            7-8 Years

Grade 2            8-9 Year

Grade 3            9-10 Years

Grade 4            10-11 Years

Grade 5            11-12 Years

Grade 6-8         12+ Years

Intermediate Foundation and other higher Vocational Levels are also available when needed.

b) Jazz Dance & Hip Hop/Streetdance

Tanzschule Küsnacht also offers Jazz Dance and Hip Hop/Streetdance:

Beginner Jazz (Kinder Jazz): 8-11 Years

Intermediate Jazz: 12 and up

Advanced Jazz: 14 and up

c) Creative Dance

Tanzschule Küsnacht also offers Creative Dance:

3-4 Years Old

1.2. Class Size, Selection of Class

The maximum class size is between 10-14 students, depending on age and level.  Courses with less than 3 students registered will be cancelled (exception: Classes designed for RAD examination preparation). Students are selected into a class according to their social and physical abilities (normally with same-aged students as written above).  When requested, students can be changed into another class when free space permits.

1.3. Trial Class

Everyone is invited to try up to 2 trail classes.  What to wear:  Leggings or exercise pants, T-Shirt, and socks or gym slippers (no gym shoes, except in aerobic classes).  To watch a class, please look in Section 2.2.

1.4. Expulsion

A student who constantly disrupts the class during lessons or abuses the school order in any way can be expelled from the school.

2. General Information Regarding Ballet Lessons

2.1. Clothing and Hair

Students are to arrive at the school clean, with tidy hair

- up until and including Grade 2: hair back, ponytail when possible

- Grade 3 and up: classical bun

Students should wear white or pastel-coloured ballet bodysuits:

- until and including Grade 3: small skirt allowed

- Grade 4 and up: preferably without skirt, may wear dark coloured bodysuit

White socks or white ballet tights (not shiny) and pink ballet shoes with elastics are allowed.  Grade 1 and up also need black character shoes.  Jewellery and watches are not permitted.

2.2. Spectators

Spectators must ask in advance in order to watch a class (no small children please!).

3. Examinations

3.1. General Information

The school offers ballet examinations starting at the Grade 1 level.  These exams act as an incentive for the children to improve their technique.  The examinations are organized through the Royal Academy of Dance, use highly qualified examiners and are accompanied by a pianist. Examinations are usually scheduled in June. Please note: all exams are voluntary.

3.2. Additional Lessons, Rehearsals

Students must train twice a week in order to be prepared for an examination.  There is an additional cost for these lessons.

Most Grades are offered twice per week.  The additional lessons needed for the examinations normally take place during these two classes. Please refer to the Class Schedule to find out the times and days.  If most students can not attend the second class due to conflicting schedules, then an additional class will be arranged. A main rehearsal  is arranged prior to the examination in which parents and friends are warmly invited to attend.

3.3. Selection

The teacher decides if a student is ready to take an examination or not.

4. Productions

Normally, every second year a large-scale production on stage is offered.  If a student would like to take part in this production, then they must also commit themselves to the rehearsals involved.  They are expected to make all rehearsals (exception: school trips). The production is presented on a weekend, usually in March.  Dances are learned during regular class lessons and begin normally in October.  One stage rehearsal is scheduled on a Sunday.  The dress rehearsal begins on Friday after 16:00.  The three performances take place on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday). RAD Ballet examinations are not offered in the same year as the Production.

5. Administration

5.1. Absence

Please notify the instructor if you/your child is going to be absent.  Missed classes can be made up in the second lesson that is normally offered at the same level.

5.2. Discontinuation of a Class

If a student wishes to discontinue a class, he/she must do so one month before the term is finished, otherwise the course must be paid in full.

5.3. Payment

Lessons are charged quarterly in the form of a bill.  All payments should be made within 4 weeks of receiving; otherwise a 20 Franc surcharge will be added.  In the case of injury or prolonged sickness, money may be reimbursed.

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